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What is the different between SSI and PADI? There is no big different for the student at all!

– Both systems follow the same worldwide recognized diving standards (RSTC).
– You are not bound to any one company.

In theory, you could do your SSI open water diver course, followed by an PADI advanced, a CMAS rescue diver and a BSAC divemaster course.

  • A diver certified with one of this organization can do fun dives in every dive shop all over the world.
  • SSI has a very modern online system. The online training program from SSI is free. The Padi online program has to be paid.
  • SSI allows me to borrow you the teaching materials lime the book. You can buy the paper book but you do not have to, like you do with PADI.
  • SSI will issue a free online version of the book.
  • SSI will issue you a login on there web page and you can edit your data yourself. PADI does not allow you to do so.
  • SSI has so called flexible skills. Which means that the instructor can decide if the student is ready to do this skill. This is a big point.

A PADI instructor has to ask you to master the one skill before he can move to the next, like for example, if someone has a problem with the mask skill, while the SSI instructor can move to another skill and later come back to the mask skill. At one point you have to master the skill but you will not feel so much under pressure and get more and more nervous, because everybody managed, only you couldn’t do it. Fewer people drop out of the diving course with SSI, than with PADI, because of this. This should give you most of the important information, but please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.